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Decentralized sports
investment & funding ecosystem

The SportyFi Token Crowdsale ended on December 10, 2017.

Raised in Crowdsale
1ETH = Approx SPF
No. of investors
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Ronaldinho Gaúcho
Former Barcelona player & Fifa world cup winner

Roberto Carlos RC3
FIFA World Cup & UEFA Champions League winner

Charlie Shrem
Bitcoin Pioneer

What is SportyFi?

Professional sport today has a high entry barrier - both for athletes as well as for small investors. Especially up-and-coming athletes at the outset of their professional careers face a lot of issues when it comes to funding their training and participation in events across the globe. The same goes for many sports clubs and other sports organizations which face severe financial and liquidity issues.

SportyFi is about to change this.

For Athletes

SportyFi will remove these barriers and consequently change financing in the sports industry by deploying a blockchain-based financing platform, serving athletes, clubs and other sports organizations, in raising the funds required to achieve athletic success.


For Investors

SportyFi will enable a wider community to invest in sport, an industry worth USD 620 billion with constant growth. By disrupting the existing model for financing participants in sport, SportyFi will open a new chapter in the sports industry, democratizing sports investment.

SportyFi Crowdsale

Join us in revolutionizing the world of sports

Token Crowdsale Start

21 November
Exclusive Pre-Crowdsale period - by invitation only.


Number of Tokens Issued

Up to 200,000,000 non-mineable SPF utility Tokens of value. (134.000.000 SPF Tokens available for investors)


ETH/SPF Conversion Rate

2,998 SPF Tokens per one ETH + potential bonuses (the exact conversion rate to be set on 21 November 2017, depending on the then value of ETH).




10% bonus for investments within 72 hours of the SPF token Crowdsale launch or investments over 100 ETH (exclusive Token Pre-Crowdsale bonus of up to 15%)


Token Distribution

67% Crowdsale
18% Founders & Team
10% Advisors & Ambassador
5% Future incentives for fast growth
(full disclosure: all Advisors and Ambassadors will receive SPF Tokens/payment)



Two Pillars of SportyFi

The SportyFi Smart Manager Platform

SportyFi‘s Smart Manager Platform will enable donations, detailed sponsorship smart contracts of various types, as well as complex investment smart contracts, where an athlete, a club or another sports organization will offer a long-term deal for a share of their future income or other revenue stream in exchange for an upfront investment.

SportyFi will offer athletes, sports clubs and other sports organizations a blockchain-based platform, where they will be able to connect with potential investors and raise the required funds to achieve the goals they’ve set.





The SportyFi Professional Fund

SportyFi’s Token Crowdsale will also allocate a part of the funds raised to a special SportyFi Professional Fund. The fund will invest in those athletes with the greatest potential in exchange for future return, based on, for example, prize money, image rights, transfer fees, and other rights of an athlete, depending on the type of sport.

A team of sports industry advisors and professionals with a proven track record will analyze and select those athletes with the greatest potential to invest in, facilitating growth of the fund and the whole SportyFi ecosystem.



Q2 2014

The SportyFi core team sets up the online marketplace connecting professional coaches and fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

Q1 2015 goes live.

Q2 2015

Tennis superstar Ana Ivanović joins the Trainers4me project as a co-owner.

Q1 2016

Launch of, offering sports enthusiasts across the globe the ability to exercise and stay in shape using live-streamed and recorded online classes.

Q2 2016

Technogym, the leading global manufacturer of home and commercial fitness and gym equipment, joins as a strategic investor.

Q2 2017

Concept development for the SportyFi platform, including viability assessment and legal review of the project.

November 2017

Alpha version of the SportyFi Smart Manager Platform released for closed testing

21 November 2017

Start of SPF Token Crowdsale SAVE THE DATE!

Q1 2018

Launch of the SportyFi Smart Manager Platform for crowdsourcing donations and connecting up-and-coming athletes with investors.

Q2 2018

Launch of the SportyFi Professional Fund, setting up the professional Advisory Board.

Q2 2018

First investment of the SportyFi Professional Fund into a generation of potential sports superstars.


SportyFi to become the default choice for athletes/clubs and other sports organisations in raising funds.
SportyFi to become the default choice for athletes/clubs and other sports organisations in raising funds.

The SportyFi Ecosystem


By setting up the SportyFi Smart Manager Platform and SportyFi Professional Fund, we will provide the sports and investment community a healthy ecosystem with a huge growth potential. The ecosystem will enable investors to harness and monetize the athletic potential of up-and-coming stars – who, until now, often didn’t have the means to finance their career.




To ensure a long-term viability of the platform we will set up several revenue streams, enabling a healthy ROI to our investors while at the same time ensure the platform’s usability to athletes. While the primary means of monetization is the commission on transactions on the platform, we will also provide premium services to athletes, clubs and sporting organizations, enabling them a better presence on the platform both through better content as well as with paid reach. The SportyFi Professional Fund will provide the platform with an additional layer of liquidity as well as revenue.




The SPF token will be the primary means of transactions on our platform. It will be used both for investing in athletes (and crowdsourcing donations) as well as other transactions on the platform—which includes paid advertising, paid reach and other premium services offered. The SPF token will be listed on several exchanges to integrate it into the wider crypto ecosystem.


Marko Filej

Co-founder, CEO
Marko is an entrepreneur with vast experiences in the sports industry, and the mastermind behind the global sports platforms: Trainers4me and Onlinegym4me.

Simon Zgavec

Co-founder, Legal & Compliance
Simon is an experienced attorney at law, specialized in banking and finance and capital markets law, with a special focus on fintech and emerging technologies.

Tomaz Cepon

Tomaž is the go-to operations manager, with over a decade of experience working in several international companies. His main areas of work are marketing and sales.

Amir Huskic

Amir is not only a technology enthusiast, but also an experienced professional with a wide knowledge of infotech, and also has an MSc in Computer and Information Science.

Blaz Carli

Lead Developer
Blaž is an IT professional with over 15 years of experience working on global enterprise projects like Trimo urban crash, Trainers4me, Onlinegym4me, and others.

Sladana Cevriz

Community Coordinator
Sladana is an expert in the field of qualitative marketing research, combining her knowledge, experience and strong interpersonal skills to gain insight into consumers’ needs.

Gregor Romavh

Internet Marketing
Gregor has over 12 years experince in internet marketing accross various paid channels. He joins his intuition and out the box thinking to get the job done.

Jaka Kovič

Community Manager
Jaka is a blockchain enthusiast, and has been following the crypto world for years now. He calls Bitcoin Talk his online home and was responsible for community outreach and bounty campaings for several ICOs there.

Romina Kavcic

Design Strategy
Romina’s vision is to make a more user-friendly future - pixel by pixel. She’s a fan of data visualization and fintech, and worked on several blockchain projects.

Mitja Ribic

Frontend Developer
Mitja is professional front-end coder, graphic designer and UX expert, who uses design to engage with users across print, screen and mobile.

Soni Makarovic

User Experience
Soni has worked in UX for over 10 years, with both agency as well as enterprise experience. He is on a mission to craft the perfect user experience.

Neva Omerzu

Content Manager
Neva is a storyteller, focusing on how content lives on digital channels. She has worked on several international platforms, including Trainers4me and Onlinegym4me.

Professional Advisors

Charlie Shrem

Bitcoin Pioneer
Charlie is a founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation and one of the best-known bitcoin advocates. He is currently the Director of Business & Community Development at Jaxx.

Joseph Weinberg

Business Developement Advisor
Joseph is a blockchain enterpreneur from the early days of the technology. He is the Co-founder & CEO of Paycase, and a fintech advisor to the Ontario Securities Commission.

Peter M Moricz

Blockchain Business Developement Advisor
After 20 years in Derivative trading and a short stay at JPMorgan Private Bank as compliance officer, I got involved in Blockchain in 2014 now ICO advisor at Aphaea Capital VC

Tomislav Mucic

Blockchain Consultant
Tomislav has decades of experience in IT security and Project development and is an early adopter of the blockchain technology.

Igor Zgonc

Blockchain Consultant
Igor has been entrepreneur, manager and consultant for 20 years in the field of information security, risk management and blockchain development.

Andrej Plankar

Blockchain Consultant
After his career in management, Andrej utilized his skills to become a full-time poker player. He soon took interest in cryptocurrencies and co-founded blockchain consulting firm.

Peter Sepetavc

Marketing Strategy & PR Consultant
A marketing professional with over 15 years of experience, Peter has worked on local and global marketing strategies with some of the world's biggest brands.

Jaka Mele

Blockchain Specialist
Jaka combines high-tech, finance and communication experiences, and has been an advisor and investor in several successful blockchain crowdfunding projects since 2016.

Ambassadors and Sport Advisors

Roberto Carlos RC3

FIFA World Cup & UEFA Champions League winner
Roberto is a football (soccer, to some of you) legend. He won the FIFA World Cup with Brazil in 2002 and has won several more Champions League and La Liga titles with Real Madrid.

Noriaki Kasai

Ski Jumping Legend
Noriaki is the most recognizable athlete in the world of ski jumping. He has three Olympic medals and 17 wins in the FIS Ski Jumping World Cup.

Savo Milosevic

Former Football Player
Savo is the Vice president of Football Association of Serbia. During his football career he played for FC Parma, Aston Villa, Espanyol, Celta Vigo, and Rubin Kazan.

Primoz Brezec

Former NBA Player, Basketball Scout
Primož played in the NBA as a center for eight seasons after being one of the top players in Europe. He is currently a scout for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Spela Pretnar

Former Alpine Skier
Špela works at the Ski Association of Slovenia. As a former pro skier, she won the small crystal globe in slalom and also has 13 podium finishes the Alpine Skiing World Cup.

Vasja Bajc

Ski Jumping Coach
Vasja is a ski jumper turned coach, who worked with the national teams of Japan, Netherlands, Sweden and Czech Republic. Currently coaching the US women's ski jumping team.

Mitja Ruzzier, PhD

Professor of Entrepreneurship
Mitja is the Head of the Department of Entrepreneurship at the University of Primorska, researching entrepreneurship, innovativeness, brands and internationalization of SMEs.

Vuk Brajovic

Media & Communications Professional
Vuk is a career marketing & communications professional, with distinguished international references in the area of sports – primarily tennis, football and basketball.


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